Month: June 2018

Intense Grief : Immense Gratitude

To Have Loved and Lost is Better than To Have Never Loved at All….the power in these words is immense. Read about how I was confronted so intensely during a Saturday run with this truth.

Fostering Curiosity Not Judgement

Judgement takes on many different forms.  It is obvious when you gossip about someone’s clothing or the shape of their backside.  Many recognize these actions as unhealthy and negative and try to avoid this behavior.  However, consider this, have you ever yelled at another…

How to Choose What Helps YOU Grow

We live in a culture of do more with less time, less money, less resources.  Your Facebook feed is probably littered with articles such as “Do XYZ every day” and “5 Food to Eat Every Day” and “10 Habits of Successful People”.  The message…

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